We have 2 holidays which last 7 days. National Holiday and Spring Festival. But, Spring Festival is our most important and longest holiday. 2022 Chinese New Year is on the way now…

Are you ready?

2022 Chinese New Year time

The longest holiday–Chinese Lunar New Year is coming 1 month later. We are ready to enjoy this happiest and longest festival. And you? Will you have an ord

er scheduled for this holiday?

The following information will leave to you for checking, 2022 Chinese New Year–Tips to prepare your business:

1. When is the Spring Festival 2022? How long is the Lunar New Year?

2. How long does the Chinese factory shut down?

3. What’s the effect on the orders or samples?

4. How do I prepare better the orders or trips?

Ok, let’ go.

  1. When is the Spring Festival 2022? How long is the Lunar New Year?

2022 Chinese New Year

Our Spring Festival change each year. In 2022, the official holiday is from 31st Jan. to 6th February. The official holiday is 7 days. The government office staff absent from work during this period.

During this time, the goods can not declare customs or apply certificates.

For the companies and public institutions will about 10 days or more, usually, it will not be over 15 days.

  1. How long does the Chinese factory shut down?

May you got notice I didn’t mention the factory’s halt time.

The factory is different from the above companies or organizations.

In China, we have lots of different holidays, most are about 3 days for rest. Factories usually only 1 day off or zero. Our another important holiday -national day, most companies and government officials will have 7 days. But, exportation factories usually have 1 or 2 days, never over 3 days for rest.

Spring Festival the original meaning is family members together to celebrate the Spring, share happiness with family. So during this festival, all of the people will try back home no matter how far you are. This is the longest tradition, even now all the people will back home no matter how far, or how tired on the trip.

2022 Chinese New Year time family

In YIWU Commodity City Center, the new year holiday would be from 20th, Jan to 15th Feb. . Factories official holiday is about from 25th, Jan. to 10th, Feb.

Factory front line workers are unstable, usually, they will from 10th, Jan. to 15th, Feb.

Here is the rough timetable list for your reference.

  • 10th Jan. 2022      Frontliners begin absent from work.
  • 15th Jan. 2022      Suppliers will slow down the order production. During this period, new order processing will halt.
  • 25th Jan. 2022     Factories(office staff) start to absent from work.
  • 31st Jan. 2022      All the factories, companies, government offices celebrate the festival.
  • 7th Feb. 2022       Trading company and government staff back to normal work.
  • 10th Feb. 2022     Factories workers(the office staff) back to normal work.
  • 15th Feb. 2022      Most employees: drivers, frontliners, couriers, store owners back to work.
  • 28th Feb. 2022     All trades and industries people back to normal work life.

2022 Chinese New Year

  1. What’s the effect on the orders or samples?

1) Reply delay.


There has a big problem with communication during the holiday. It’s difficult to get a quick reply or give a clear answer about the production plan or delivery time.


During this time, all the people will suspend the work to celebrate the holiday with family. You will not catch the boss, office people. May you be lucky to get their reply, but there is nothing confirmation they could do for you because the other colleagues are absent.

After the 10th, Feb., you will get normal communication with office staff.

But, processing still does not get back on track. Why? Because there are lots of the workers who come from other provinces, they will longer the holiday to enjoy with the family once a year. For this reason, lots of workers will be absent from work from 10th, Jan. to 15th, Feb. So if you have an urgent sample or urgent orders, please prepare earlier to avoid unnecessary loss.

All in all, please be attention, the factory back to normal work after 15th February. Before this time, the bulk production will come to halt, and it is difficult to make it on schedule.

2) Delivery time delay


Considering may your main products buy from China or Asia, we strongly suggest it’s better to pay attention to and schedule in advance to prevent the postpone of the delivery time or samples show time. Or that would be catastrophic to our business.

In 2022, we may still have to undergo the COVID-19’s influence. Sometimes the limited city’s traveling, and isolation of the city make us difficult to trip. Purchasing accessories will not be so fast as before. Such as the raw materials shortage, logistic block, and more. All these notices to us it’s important to have a prepare earlier is the best way for us to keeping our business in normal.

The Spring festival shutdowns are usually followed by mass demand from the abroad market, which needs to make up for the 3 weeks worth of delayed products.

3) Quality level will lower, compare to the normal work-day

This is easy to get. During the eve and after the holiday, the labors shortage in the processing line, factories will hire some part-time workers, new workers, or office staff to finish the orders.

This will cause the quality of the product not in a level. Or make a mistake with the order’s requirements.

On the other hand, because the holiday is coming, owners who want to finish the projects earlier also may neglect the quality rules, which is caused the quality level to reduce lower too.

Regular customers have experience, on the eve of Chinese holiday, they may get a notice about tight of booking the shipment or increasing the fee from forwarders. They will suggest booking space 3 weeks earlier or after the holiday shipping.

The factory shutdown during the holiday, customers want the goods ship out before the holiday, these caused the tight space and increasing shipping fee.

Having good shipping planning is the better way to avoid the extra fee. Booking space earlier if the products must need ship before the holiday. If the goods are not urgent, after the holiday, that would be easy to ship, at the same time, shipping fee usually will back normal.

  1. How do I prepare better the orders or trips?

Hope we showed a clear time for the festival and the festival’s influence on the business.

Another 2 weeks later, Chinese’s biggest holiday–the Spring festival is coming, do right now.

1). Early order schedule or sample arrangement

It’s never late to arrange now. Check your last year’s business, past sales, next 2 months’ sales plan, and the warehouse stocks, using the data to make your inventory schedule ahead of time.

This will help you get the determination and will not mess when the Chinese New Year halt is coming.

In case the warehouse is out of stock, increasing the inventory is necessary. Especially if the products are seasonal. For example, rain boots. Winter and spring is the best selling season, it would be better to have enough stocks to meet customers purchasing requirements.

2). Communication with suppliers

Interpersonal Communication

Good communication always will help you with a good stable business system.

Usually, after the end of Nov., suppliers will pre-notice customers the New Year holiday schedule, and the factory producing plan before and after the festival.

So that you could get clear the whole processing timetable.

3). Plan order earlier

If there have the order, delivery time is about on April. Then it’s a good time to place a supplier now.


Before the new year, the machine may we stop new order production because of shortage employees.

But it is not mean office staff is absent from work. During this time, office staff can arrange the documents or contract or some preparation work of the orders.

Especially if your order needs the confirmation samples, it’s better to fix it all before the holiday.

After the holiday, we can produce without any delay.

Take example the rain boots. If all the order information is confirmed before the holiday, for 2,000pairs of regular products, it’s about 30–40 days. If after the holiday start makes an order and do confirmation samples, during this time, all the regular customers will require for the samples orders. Suppliers will be busy. All the factories will be busy, for example, the rain boots, for 2,000 pairs of rain boots, the delivery time will be about 50 days or more.

5). Quality control

If the orders must need to send out before the holiday, it’s better to ask the factory to show the bulk products video. Or better ask the QC come factory to check the quality.

rain boots price

As you already got to know, before the holiday, factories will be short of workers. So the packing line will ask some untrained workers, this will mess with products.

Here is for ending. Hope the tips could work for you.

Happy 2022 Chinese New Year! Best Wishes to you and your family!

Any questions about the holiday, welcome to leave a message to us at your convenience.

Thank you in advance.