First, allow me to introduce my hometown.

My hometown is located in the middle of Zhejiang, China.

Zhejiang climate belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate with the significant monsoon.

Advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots----This Is What You Should Know

This is my hometown. Full of trees and lots of lakes.

We have very clear four seasons distinguished, moderate annual temperature,

abundant rainfall, humid air. May and June are our concentrated rainfall.

This year, we have had over 4 months of rainy. So no doubt, rain boots are

one of the best-selling 2021, especially the ladies rain boots and kids’.

Advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots----This Is What You Should Know

Now, it’s a thundershower, may rain again at night. It’s continuous rain

since April, and it will be.

The average temperature in winter is 3~9℃, also it’s the rainy season during the winter.

Though we do have not heavy snow but have heavy rain, cold of course.

So we’ll get well know the PVC snow boots advantage.

So how to protect us having a comfortable walking in the winter is very important.

jumping rain boots

As the professional rain boots factory, my city also is the rain boots produce a cluster.

So there are lots of boots’ suppliers will have owner professional designers or technician,

they will often have brilliance ideas to help come true one outstanding rain boots.

Customers also will give us lots of information and orders with vary different boots designs.

Designing a new shape is our continuous aim, so after a year of discussing, marketing testing,

we introduced the PVC snow boots.

Although 2020 is a difficult year, the PVC snow boots still got good market feedback

both domestically and abroad.

Never to say 2021. From March to June, we’ll arrange to produce about 60,000pairs.

Styles would be like the below. The advantage of the PVC snow boots is a fabric surface covering,

and 100% waterproof, warm enough during the winter.

Advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots----This Is What You Should Know

You may have little interest in it, but hesitate about your domestic market,

may worry about the quality of these casual boots, or have recently been bothered by the shipping issue.

Please let’s consider the common snow boots before we

talking the advantage Of PVC Snow Boots.

Have no doubt, snow boots are a good option for cold or snowy.

Snow boots are famous for their warm function. Compared with the winter boots,

it also needs waterproof, be nice for the cold damp walking situation, such as mud, puddle, wet area.

Usually, we know snow boots would be rubber outsole, leather upper, or waterproof material,

like nylon or material with the waterproof coating.

They could be ok for drizzle day, or just walking for short time. But if heavy rain or need

walking on the water area all day, or the dirty place, that would not be a good choice.

May you have an experience like the below photo.

Although it’s very popular in winter there has a wearing area limitation.

At the same time, it’s not easy work for cleaning. Leather is not good for brushing,

dip into the water, the waterproof coating also can not brush.

Or the boots will be out of shape.

So how about the PVC snow boots?

Here we listed the 3 advantages Of PVC Snow Boots.

1. Keywords: waterproof or weatherproof

We love warm boots during the cold winter outing. The common boots usually

are ok for wetness.

But if on the bad walking condition or heavy rain, heavy snowing, one pair of

waterproof is top important.

The common snow boots/warm boots can’t handle such issues.

These casual boots would help you.

Advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots----This Is What You Should Know

You could see the PVC material covered by the fabric, they are 100% water-resistance.

The soles of the boots are no worry slippy, as the professional rain boots factory,

anti-slippy is always top one considering.

snow boots outsole

The boots finished by one-times injection finished, it also could be perfect working

during the heavy rainy or puddle situation. Height is the classic mid-calf.

2. Keywords: Warm Support

pvc snow boots warm inner

Lined with a fur blend, sponge. It will have a good way to keep your feet warm.

And soft walking enough for the long walking.

3. Keywords: Wide enough and comfortable toe

We have to say, the shape is similar to the leather snow boots.

You could see the toe—round. Have enough space to free your toes.

pvc snow boots grey

4. How to choose the correct size?

Snow boots we say it’s special boots, they are only good for cold weather.

Considering it has an extra important function—rain boots. We can consider

taking the size as snow boots. Not to choose one size large, or it will be

difficult to walk during the rainy. Not too tight, but not floppy also.


5. Keywords: Quality

rain boots find

As we are finished talking about the PVC snow boots. No one will tell you their

own quality is bad.

At the same time, it’s difficult to confirm you the quality is the best.

Here, we’d like to show you the inner construction of our snow boots.

On the market, you may see lots of PVC snow boots are popular.

But our price may higher than the other factory.

You will hesitate. Don’t worry, I already showed you our quality—construction.

First of all, all the materials: PVC, fabric, fur, glue, insole are Eco-friendly.

Because our boots are mainly exported to the E.U. market, this is the basic requirement.

Next, you can see the warm inner, not save fee to cheat customers, each lining has

mesh-covered to protect inner material connected perfectly.

Then the trim. May you have experience, the boots are good, but the top material is broken,

especially the PU material.

We take the same material of snow boots covering so that no worry the material

old after long-wearing.

Advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots----This Is What You Should Know

The top trim has a double stitch.

It can strengthen fabric during you slip in the boots or take off them.

Sole Construction

The sole is PVC material, injection with the upper, so no worry about leakage.

Put in the softening material on the PVC, so during the winter, the boots you wearing

still can feel soft, flexible.

Midsole  and upper Construction

As a professional manufacturer or seller, we know midsole stitches on the upper are

a very important job.

It contains the bulk of technical and supportive features of snow boots.

But it’s the hidden event.

You can check the snow boots on the market, but usually, we only see the surface.

Seems like different brands, similar quality. But the price has a big difference.


Inner material and stitch, fixing is a very important job.

But you couldn’t find the result from seeing, except walking testing.

If the price has a big difference, then forget the cheap one.

The midsole is also the part where you get to consider the appearance of the boot.

A good pair of snow boots will help you have a happy trip or outing.

Last, but not least. The shipping fee.

May you have received thousands of news about how serious the shipping situation is since 2020.

For the previous months, the shipping fee even could be changed within 1 day.

Especially the vessel to the USA. Anyway, the sea to Europe is stable now compared to April, May.

The shipping date is almost back to normal, eg., to the Netherlands, it’s about 28 days,

to Denmark, it’s about 38days.

For more information about shipping, welcome checking with your forwarder,

or we can help you to check if you need it.

Hope the above list about advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots will help

you during the purchasing.