Running a business is not easy work. We should have not only a popular commodity

but also a business and marketing plan to help us succeed.

Today we’d like to give 7 tips to increase sales in a small business.

May this will work for you.

7 tips to increase sales in small business content:

1. A good business plan

2. Customer comments

3. Quality

4. Have innovating

5. Advertising

6. Good after-sales service support

7. Trustable

1. A good business plan

7 tips to increase sales

A good business plan includes the goals of a business, methods for attaining those goals,

and the time frame for the achievement of the goals. I am sure, you already have it in hand now.

Once we have a clear plan, it will push us to have a target market.

Vias the business plan to searching the clients are more effective.

It would be better to understand our target customers. Better develop strategies to increase sales.

Through tracking the potential customers, what they want, and what they need.

It will help you develop a clear strategy to make your products more attractive to them.

Let’s say: if you have a sneaker store for young people (such as college students).

You may consider showing on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc…

As now younger would love to log in to the popular social median than

visiting the store or online shop.

2. Customer comments.

Interpersonal Communication

This is my first time mentioned. I have to thank you for my regular customers’ trust.

In my past daily working time, they introduced new customers to me.

The introduced new purchaser is easier to have a deeper discussion and

easier to build trust in each other.

That’s the reason I have to say the client’s feedback is a good method to help new buyers

to make decisions. The effect is even better than your paid advertising.

Try your best to let them recommend you!

When people read good suggestions from the previous shopper,

it would be easier to trust a company. This marketing strategy does not involve

advertising expenditure but involves good customer service, high-quality products,

and fair prices. Invite your regular customers to recommend to you on social media, websites, etc.

we can use consumer loyalty strategies to help you do this, such as recommending discounts.

3. Quality

Quality, not only the product quality but also the communication quality.

It is the key to bigger our business. The customer gives you good feedback,

but the quality is the basement. Because of the quality, we could get a recommendation.

For example, the rain boots. You know we are a professional rain boots factory,

so most of the examples are from my daily business with my footwear buyers.

Our PVC rain boots were injected by high temperatures.

Sometimes workers may want to have the quantity, so they didn’t keep

the temperature as required. Then you will see the outsole of the boot has an indentation,

or you may get the folded inner. Although, these problems will not affect waterproof

or the comfort of wearing, they look not nice.

We say such products are 2nd hand quality.

Now let’s say the communication quality.

rain boots find

Me, already work the rain boots for over 15 years, I know rain boots and

exportation very well. So once customers have any questions or some point

they didn’t mention, I will check with them in advance.

But if the people not well know about these products or the business whole processing.

It will take more time to discuss the orders also the danger of order mistakes will increase.

No matter how small a business you are, quality is always the important point.

Find the right products, and the right suppliers to support your business.


4. Have innovating.


A company that keeps strong, continuous innovation is important.

Rain boots mold is not like the garments, change each season, each year.

But still has innovating. Like the color, pattern, accessories of the boots, etc…

You could see our PVC snow boots, this is our 2020 design.

It’s the top-selling of our factory. They could change different colors to meet

different markets’ clients. Some customers like black, it’s classic always.

But others like candy colors look shining during rainy.

Or add other accessories to the boots. Like, cut the boots lower, add buckles

or put the fur outside.

Advantage Of The PVC Snow Boots----This Is What You Should Know kids snow boots

Below are the classic short rain boots. Same mold, but different accessories,

then the out shape would look different.

colorful ankle rain boots

All in all, no matter how good your product or service is, innovation is always necessary.

Innovation can go hand in hand with new products, promotions,

extra services (suggestions for selecting the best shoes), recyclable packaging, etc.

5. Advertising

rain boots social media

Good products, also need an advertisement. As we have good feedback from customers,

continuous innovation, high quality. So it’s time for you the advertise.

Advertising has 2 ways: paid and free.

First, let’s say free advertising. Introduce the products vias social media,

like Facebook, Instagram, Pint, Youtube, or Linked. Social media need

better content to absorb the customer’s attention.

Free advertising, usually will unstable effect, but if you have good content,

that would be a huge stimulate of the business.

Now let’s say paid advertising.

Also, it would be vias the social media, but it needs us to have a good content

to let customers visit your shop and place the orders. Then you could get a good result.

6. Good after-sales service support

rain boots n

No matter how happy the buy customers have, if have after-sales service,

that would be brilliant.

Like, if we bought a bag in the shop, after finishing the process, we send some

new brochures to customers. Or if there are any questions about the products,

give quick feedback, that would be an extra value for the company.

After-sales service is the service provided after a customer has purchased a product.

Typically, it includes support for warranty service, training, or repair of the upgrades.

Some customers might seek out a company’s products based on its after-sales service.

For example, I have a Peru customer, he orders our stock rain boots.

Once, she told me there are missing 5 pairs for the mid-calf rain boots.

After receiving the notice, I message him at once, I will put extra 5 pairs for the next orders.

And apologize for the missing. After that, he has stable orders to me each year.

For the small business, it’s usually the retail face to face or one to one in the same country.

So that would be better to solute the issue. A good service would lead a higher

customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth marketing.

This is free and high effective advertising. Don’t miss it.

7. Trustable


Now lots of business store is online, it’s not like entity shop, miss the face to face reality.

If the products have certificates, cooperated with the big brand, then show it.

Let other clients know it.

About the products certificates, may you can ask the factory to show you if necessary.

May about your story, photos, comments, return goods service, etc…

Or if you have a real store, then one online shop, that would be perfect.

As I know some boutiques work this way.

Sincerely hope the above 7 tips to increase sales will work for you.

If you have any better tips to increase the small business, welcome to message us.

Hope the small business would be bigger and bigger.