A New Children Rain Boots For you

Our target is: constantly innovate and stay up-to-date with the latest rain gear trends to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. Dedicating to selling quality products at good prices.

These values will push us to show more and more welcomed products to market.


Here we are so happy to show the 2020 top new kid boots to you.


Once have a new waterproof boot introduced, may you will hesitate.

May have lots of questions:

Are they made from eco-friendly material?

The fabric is AZO-free?

The sole is thick, is it heavy to walking?

The new design is anti slippy?

Do the colors work with the daily clothes we already have?

Are they easy to wear by kids themselves?


Here is the detailed reply for you from material to wearing feelings.

First, PVC material.

This is the new design for Children. 100% eco-friendly PVC material.

The rain boots’ other accessories, such as PU trim, buckle,

the insole is also eco-friendly material.

The boots undergo a process where all the boots are together by

high-temperature injection.

No leakage worrying.

Second, fabric material.

The AZO-free soft fabric is the key element of boot comfortable.

The kid rain boots introduce the breathable, thin, soft fabric.

Taking the newly printed fabric to in stand of the boring solid colors.

new children rain boots inner

Third, the height of the upper.

The boots shaft height is under the knee.

The upper is flexibility, this is really very important for kids on the daily walking, playing, running.

The wide opener, kind for kids to wear themselves. Easier to get on and off without help.

Fourth, the outsole traction.

Same as previous children’s rain boots. This boot sole has a great anti-slip.  The thick tread offers great traction and weather resistance.

Have better protection for your kids steady in pud, mud, whatever.

kids rain boots

Fifth, the insole.

Play or long walking comfortably is the basic requirement. This design match with a 5mm EVA soft insole, keeping kid stay comfortable at any time.

womens ankle rain boots insole

Sixth, the weight of the boots.

The heavy outsole, not mean boots are heavy.

This is the weight for European size 32.


The weight is good for the child to walk around comfortably.

Seventh, the colorway.

More, the easy-to-wear children’s boots feature a candy color. The color ranges are over dozens available, black, pink, blue, grey, light blue, red, and more.

If you want your own unique colorway, just fly me the panton no., I will do color samples for you to check.

new children rain boots blue new children rain boots design hunter shape navy  children rain boots


There are so many advantages, kids may love to wear even in the snowy.

For the personal suggestion, the boots without warm inners, better for spring, summer, and autumn.

Or put a pair of thicker insole to protect the warm feet.

Anyway, the rain boots can workable during the winter, it depends on your local weather conditions. My city’s lowest temperature usually is about above 2 ℃, it would be ok to have rain boots with heavy socks, but having a pair of snow boots in winter is the better option for kids.