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Thank you for visiting! I’ve been working with rain boots for over 15 years and I like the communication with my customers: from strangers to friends. Really, thanks for my customers’ good feedback and support, you make me better on my business trip.

About us: we’ve been working not only on rain boots but also on other rain gear: raincoats, jelly shoes.  To meet environmental requirements, we introduced an eco-friendly 100% new material in 2014, all the protective materials are eco-friendly.

Since 2015, because more and more customers required low quantities for e-shopping, we introduced a special promotion:  Ready To Ship. No matter how many pairs, we’ll do it for you.

Surely, no matter how rapidly the company has grown, our mission has not changed.  Lambo Rain Gear is dedicated to relentless product innovation, moderate prices, and on-time delivery.

We are happy to answer your questions 24/7 and help you on your way!

✔ Always the right quality!

✔ Always on-time delivery!

✔ Always superb customer service!

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