B2B Platform of China To Startup Your Business

In our previous article, we have a short introduction about the B2B platform in China to startup your business.
Here we’d like to show details of the advantage and disadvantages of each platform.
I, already running the trading platform for over 15 years, and some of our experience may give you good help with purchasing.

The content would be:

1. The B2B platform list

2. Wholesale platform and the feature of each platform
OK.The first, B2B platform in China.
1. Alibaba.com
2. Aliexpress.com
3. 1688.com
4. Globalsources.com
5. Made-in-china.com
6. DHgate.com
The purchasing way has reshaped the way business had worked.
It pushed different platform that has different advantages on products,
to meet and catch different customers’ personal requirements.
The above list is the platform usually Chinese factories or companies will show products.
But some of them are for retail, and some are for Chinese domestic wholesale.
B2B platform is not a new technology, various innovations emerged.
Advanced AI introduced, businesses can perform one step on the platform, without any difficulty.
An incredible benefit of the B2B platform is helping you to get rid of business risk, and travel costs.

Next, we’ll mainly introduce the wholesale platform to you.

We will present the top b2b platforms for enhancing the growth of your business.
1. Alibaba.com
2. Globalsources.com
3. Made- in-china.com
4. DHgate.com
On the first list, we listed 6 platforms, but here mainly talking 4 about the above.
Aliexpress.com is retail, a platform similar to amazon.com,
but the price may be cheaper. About the quality, it depends on the price.
The high price, sometimes good protection for quality.
1688.com, this platform, 95% are for domestic wholesale, some
Chinese will buy retail from 1688.com, but if you have any products
quality problems, there is no way to help you solve them.
For this website, all the purchasing depends on luck.
In recent years, 1688.com try to introduce this platform to the world but
seems the effect are not good, for the details reason we have no idea.
But for our past cooperation experience, probably because of the quality.
If you want to try, the best way is to pick the suppliers which have a higher price,
and the suppliers have years running on the platform.
B2B Plastform of China To Startup Your Business
Ok, let’s check now. Below are the leading B2B platforms for trading business.
The platforms offer remarkable convenience and profit to both buyers and suppliers.


Short introduction of this company.
Established in 1999, has a huge increase in 2005. Now it is the leading
the platform of China for global wholesale trade.
This platform’s main products are daily commodities and thousands of suppliers
will open a shop on this platform. Especially the trading companies, and exportation factories.
Now they have invented a new tool: instant video of the factory, this is nice for buyers.
Buyers could get a real factory overview. On the other hand, they have the
whole exporting and importing service online seamlessly.
In the past years, Alibaba.com is the most popular Chinese B2B E-commerce
trading platform.
As the leading B2B trading platform, the website has thousands of supplies,
and millions of products listed. Each day will have new styles introduced, also new suppliers.
As the wholesale platform, it successfully introduced most of the Chinese
commodity companies to open stores. Lots of suppliers have over 15 years.

Advantage of Alibaba.com

Below is the rain boots suppliers’ data for your reference.
B2B Plastform of China To Startup Your Business ON ALIBABA.COM

1) Huge basement of suppliers.

It’s definitely a big company in Mainland China,
has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and it serves as one of the
pioneers in B2B platforms with more than about 50mililon users worldwide.
The group company is included: Alibaba.com, 1688.COM, Taobao,
Tmall, Aliexpress, and now has the logistics company.
There are thousands of companies you can compare, and millions of
products you can choose from. The wholesale price is very competitive.
On this B2B platform, you can pick up any styles you imaged.

2.)Full set of exportation services.

If you are a startup business, this would be a good platform.
On the platform, if you want, they can supply services of exportation and importation.
Of course, there will take a service charge.

3) Security.

If you confirmed the order but hesitated about the supplier.
It would be workable to pay to the platform before the goods send out. 
In my previous article, I mentioned finding a reliable supplier from Alibaba.com.
Welcome to check.
4 questions let you know Customs Inspection funny

4) Factory overview.

2020, Alibaba.com introduced a new tool, it asks suppliers to show factories real photos and videos,
buyers can check the factory situation.

The disadvantage of the Alibaba.com platform

1.)Too big to find the right supplier.

As we mentioned this is the biggest B2B platform, which would be difficult for
a new buyer to find the right suppliers.
On the platform, trading companies also have thousands available.
Quality is not all at the same level. It’s like you catch fish in the sea.

2) Price is higher.

Compare to 8 years before, the platform charge is higher and higher,
especially if the factory or company wants to list among the top 30 suppliers.
This caused lots of factories heavy extra costs.
Factories increase the unit price of the products. Because of this problem,
lots of factories close off stores, to save the fee. Later I will show they are
now starting a new platform.

3) intellectual property.

Although now the platform has more and more serious punishment for intellectual
property disputes.
Up till now, the platform still is easy to find the copy.
Now our factory does not continue the store on Alibaba.com, because of the high
service charge, and unstable customer quality. It caused the factory to have a heavy cost.
We’d rather give a discount to customers directly.
By 2020, our government strongly suggested factories work independent online stores.
And now lots of the factories are working on it.

2. Globalsources.com

B2B Plastform of China To Startup Your Business global sources
About is the suppliers of rain boots data, for your reference.
This is an international platform for over 50 years and really has a long history.
Compare to alibaba.com, globalsources.com has its own advantage, the suppliers
are different from alibaba.com.
This platform mainly a welcomed supplier is of gift and electronic products.
About the other commodity, at least our rain boots suppliers have listed no lots.
According to the report, the platform has collaborated with international trade fairs.
A large number of manufacturers are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.  

3. DHgate

B2B Plastform of China To Startup Your Business global sources
This platform, established in 2004, products mainly commodity products
for small suppliers or trading companies. It has a small volume wholesale rate,
compare to the above 2 platforms.  

4. Made-in-china.com

Made-in-china.com is famous for its machinery suppliers.
There are lots of machine factories or suppliers that will have stores.
So if you want to search for machines, this is a good website.
Above is the list of the Chinese trading b2b platform.

Last but not least, the independent website from the factory.

From 2020, more and more factories run away from platforms to build
their own website to show products. The reason was the high cost of the platform,
and serious copy products make factories difficult to differentiate from others.
This is a good way for you to try such an independent website.
Like our products, we finished the alibaba.com stores, start the independent
website last year, lowered the cost of advertisement, nicer for the startup business.
Why? Because we have our own stocks, not all the styles are available,
but the stocks products are the most popular.
The price is lower compared to the platforms.