3 Quality Tips for Elastic Ankle Rain Boots

Although there are tons of options in the marketplace, there are have one that “fashion”, “best-selling” products for each supplier. We, as a factory of rain boots, of course, there would be a pair of classic or good feedback products.

Earlier in this article, we discussed that Chelsea rain boots were the best options for fashion in rainy when outing your boots over your shoes.

The Chelsea rain boots belong to the elastic ankle boots style, they are not only suited for gardening but also classic.

Over the past 5 years, almost 6 months each year, there is a machine that will injection this elastic ankle boot.

They combine with classic and fashion.

We think it would be difficult, maybe impossible, to fit a pair of high-wedged shoes into a pair of rain boots. If you prefer to have a pair of rain boots that hold up to the elements without the extra shoes, these Elastic Ankle Rain Boots are the way to go.

By choosing a good pair of elastic ankle boots, you can get yourself perfect hand head out into the rain with no worry wet feet.

More, you can easily tuck a pair of jeans into ankle boots to keep your pants from getting wet when you are heading through some mud.

Since you are the buyer for the shoes, definitely no need to show the advantage in more detail on the blog, here is the main topic is about the quality tips for these elastic ankle rain boots.

What we want to leave you 3 main quality tips about such elastic style ankle rain boots that will hopefully set you up for success in picking the right pair of boots.

By showing the details quality points and key elements like material, technical, durability, comfortable and price, you can find the right pair of boots that look awesome without breaking the bank.

So let’s go to the following articles now.

Part 1. Surface Quality Tips for the Elastic Ankle Rain Boots

Rain boots are a kind of versatile footwear. Almost everyone would keep one in their wardrobe. They would be worn all year round without thinking, cold rainy, hot rainy, wet day, puddle area, and more. So a high-quality surface is important because it will give us a kind of happiness.

Here is the photo which I took of the defective products.

surface quality

There is a tiny bubble in the middle of the front foot’s palm. We’ll take out from the bulk.

Below is the photo that has a hole in the outsole. It’s happened because of the thick area, especially on the heel. For the heel, small holes are acceptable. But the back of the platform looks not good.


Anyway, compare to the rubber boots, PVC boots’ quality problems are far less.

Last but not least, some customers would be the candy colorway. If so, having a set of samples is the best option.

Ankle Rain Boots For Women yellow

Part 2. Elastic

elastic quality

Elastic boots, without a doubt, elastic could be the key element. Without the perfect elastic to support the boots, you’ll be tight or too loose for wearing. Will you want to be able to lift your foot up comfortably? But when you walk, if the boot is “lazying” to the ground or “dancing” in the air, if the boot’s size is fit, then the problem would be elastic.

How to avoid such embarrassment?

Here we leave 5 tips for it.

First, elastic stretch.

The elastic quality considers the colorfastness to rubbing, toothed selvage, the ratio of elongation, width, stretch, odor test, Azo Dye, and formaldehyde.

elastic edging

Stretch would be the basic requirement.

The test specimens shall be at least 14 inches long and the full width of the webbing.

Gage marks, 10 inches apart, shall place on the test specimens. The test specimens are stretched until the distance between the gage marks is 15 inches and held in this position for 10 minutes.

Second, Set.

After being stretched for 10 minutes, the specimens were released immediately(without being allowed to snap back) and laid out on the test table.

After a rest of 10 minutes, the distance between the gage marks is measured to the nearest 0.01 inch.

This is our quality requirement for the stretch.

This could help the boots a good elasticity, consequently, fabric tends to recover its original size and shape immediately.

Here is the video about our elastic.

Third, the stitching work.

Check if they have a good work of stitch.

elastic ankle rain boots

Here there are 2 different stitching grooves. Workers will follow the elastic sketch line and the groove to fix.

On these matte ankle boots,  there is only one stitch line, maybe you will ask why, and worry the elastic fall down.

Since 2019 the matte ankle boots were introduced, there is no customers complaining about the elastic drop.

May you notice the beginning and end threads are thicker than the rest part. This is because of the double stitching.

Jodhpur boots elastic

Following the video is our worker on stitching.

Will you need the whole elastic with double stitch in the same groove? Sorry, this is not a good option. As you could see the needles would break the PVC for double. And looks not nice also.

Fourth, elastic sketch line can wipe?

elastic-sewing line

There has some white blue line on the elastic. Please don’t worry about the quality, they are not defective products.

These lines could easily clean.

They are marked by the high-temperature marker.

High temperature mark

Here short introduction about such a magical marker.

A high-temperature marker is used in the industrial area, the product’s surface. The ink is removable with normal spirits or thinner. Or if you forgot to clean, don’t worry. The marker can disappear automatically over 70℃, or over 6 weeks.

Fifth, the glue.

Please check the surface of the boots and elastic. In case there have dots of glue.

This topic is really difficult to discuss. About 90% of customers don’t like glue, but also have small parts that will require gluing first then stitching.

Customers who asked to glue may worry the stitch are not strong enough.

Here is the glue technic video for your checking.

Question: do you think is it necessary to glue?

To tell the truth, factors don’t like adding the glue, why? Because the glue would drop on the surface of boots or elastic. There is no chance to clean them.

Why we are not suggesting, the reasons are:

A.The string is already strong enough. Each boot will stitch twice, there is no chance to drop the elastic.

B.Risk of quality problem, sometimes, they will drop on the boots or elastic, it caused the quality problem. Although we will ask the old hand to do this job, it will happen also.

C.Extra fee. It needs to arrange the workers to do, the more work, the more fee.

Sixth, how to keep in a level for both sides elastic?

orginal elastic ankle rain boots

Hope you could see the small dots in the above photo.

There have marked both inside and outside of the mold. This would be a great little helper for the workers and QC.

Workers will follow the elastic sketch line and the boot’s dot to fix the elastic in a line for both sides.


Part 3. Tab, what’s the material is the best for tab.

That depends. There are 4 common types of material: PU, PVC, nylon, cotton.

Tabs photo as below.

different tab material

First, the tab is mainly like a hanger when you take the boots. It can not have a strong pull.

PU tab could be a ton of colors for your option. The quality could be various different also. But compared to the above material, PU’s price would be a bit higher, anyway, the products look more high quality. And match boots looks have a high level.

Usually, the PU material, we will fix by stitch. Haven’t any special quality points. May you can check if the tab is the same level as another boot.

Next, let’s talk about the nylon fabric. Compare to cotton, nylon looks a little thinner. The ending will finish by heating, so there will no scratch around.

Cotton is high-quality looking. Usually, the cotton tab uses in the lady’s boots decoration. Such as the top opening trim also will take it.

The last material is PVC. PVC is the most common and popular. Its cheap, durability, and colors more shining, have received good market feedback.

PVC fixing is by metal buckle, the buckle color could match with the PVC. The price is cheaper than the above materials.

We sincerely hope that we have given you some good information or ideas. Hope you will not hesitate next time when you set out and grab a new pair of rain boots.

May you have other questions, welcome leave a message or email to us at your convenience.

Have a good day!