How do I customize the rain boots package—A guide for your package?

Customize rain boots package is something like a storefront, good advertising of the brand.

A distinguished product package would have more power of competition on the market.

girls rain boots

Product assimilation or copy photos difficult to have an added value.

Buyers will consider adding a unique package to differentiate from others.

May you have experience: got a commodity, high-quality package always make you happy.

For the past years, most of the small companies have bought non-brand products from China.

The budget, order quantity limited brand design.

Since 2014, online business has had a crazy increase. Thousands of small sellers start to do

business on the e-shop. How could you tower over other sellers? How to express your

company’s idea, how to express your products is the best?  These are the reasons packages

became part of products inside.

We know for the small seller, you are hesitating:

1) What is the cost of the product would be if add the customize rain boots package?

2) How to solve the MOQ rule of the factory?

3) How about the package quality?

Is there any way to overcome? If yes, how to work?

Don’t worry, on this content, we will show you detailed solution methods, and give

information to solve the problems.

Women's Rain BootsWomen's Rain Boots

Below contents would be:

  1. What is the advantage of customization of a package?

  2. How do I customize my package?

  3. How about the cost of the customized rain boots package?

        Is it expensive?

Question 1.  What is the advantage of customization of the

rain boots package?

The keyword: customization. Package means the box for single rain boots.

Design your own box rather than picking a ready-made package. Difference other

companies make your products unique. The box represents your company and your

products. This is a good marketing strategy.

Advantage 1. Keep the shape of a good boot

Are you agree: customized rain boots package is a safeguard to protect boots,

keep shape during long trip shipping.

Like the rain boots, one pp bag, deformed boots; another box, neat.

Which one you would love to?

The below 2 photos may help you understand the difference between the pp bag package

and box package.

In this video, you could see the knee-high boots already compass the shape.

Advantage 2. Add your product extra value.

A good impression of your product is a good beginning to healthy communication.

You know big company have own design dept. An outstanding design could catch the customer.

People love elegance. If the package caught the customer’s eyes, definitely that

would be good continuous cooperation. Also, it’s free advertising your company.

rain boots price

Following the high standard beauty requirements, a novel package would give

the seller a high extra value.

Advantage 3. customized rain boots package can distinguish

your products from other competing products.

First, let’s check below common factory box design and customized box.

Ladies Rubber Boots Matte Surface Extra Wide boxbox with logo

There are 2 styles of the white box, one is with logo, another is without.

Which one you are more like? May plan box is like homeless kids. If it adds a logo,

that could let the customer feel your difference, have the brand, have quality protection.

2. How do I customize the rain boots package? Here is the guide.

how to find rain boots

The style of package, the different commodities has a different rule. But the products

produced are the same. It needs to go through design, prototype, and bulk.

The first step: the design, this will be the most important work. It needs to take a long time

and cost. For the bulk produce, it only copies the prototype. We need to the high attention to

the color deviation.


Not sure what kind of package suit your products and your company, may you

search on the website is a good way. Or you can check other companies’ styles,

may give to you some tips.

After confirming the design, it’s time to pick up a producer and arrange the sample.

Like, or, or other package suppliers if you have.

Choice No. 1

Usually, has a competitive price on boxes. If your order is placed in China,

that would be great, you could save the exportation fee.

The shortcoming is: often time, has the MOQ requirements.

It depends on the technical complexity. The common white box is about 1,000 pieces of MOQ.

If the box has lots of colorways, complex box painting, or special box material,

MOQ would be higher.

Like the below pink box. The paper is an indentation surface and a pink colorway.

A high-quality material, not lots of customers will take to using. Then MOQ  requires

at least 3000pieces for the rain boots box size.


Choice No. 2

It is not like running. It has an auto quote function and no quantity requirements.

Of course, their price would be higher than

Above 2 ways for checking the design company.

Now let’s say you already have your own design.

This would be easy to arrange to produce the box. The best way is to contact the production factory.

Like if you order rain boots, you need a box package. Send your AI file of the box, tell them your requirements. This would be the cheapest and fast method to achieve your business.

Let’s take the rain boots as an example. Our MOQ is usually 500pairs.

If you need with box, no problem. We have our own cooperation box supplier,

they could do according to your design.

We’ll confirm with you the price, requirements. If you accept the above information,

you can send us the AI file design, and do the template.

Usually, one sample should be finished within 7 days.

After you confirm the sample, the factory will start to do the bulk. During bulk production,

please pay attention to the color variation. Having a minimum difference from the

prototype is acceptable.


3. How about the cost of the customized rain boots package?

    Is it expensive?

Based on past experience, one box cost would be limited to 1-3% of the rain boots’ unit price.

For example, the ankle rain boots. Photo on below.

Candy elastic ankle rain booties

For the basic design, the unit price is about USD5.8/pair, MOQ 500pairs for black.

You need the box package. Below box for your reference.

Women's Rain Boots

Customers required high-standard products, the selling prices would be higher.

They will consider introducing two-piece boxes. It is also called Simplex Tray or Kwisket Tray.

May you can see lots of luxury boots would take two-piece boxes.

Brands like: Hunter, MK, Tommy Hilfiger, etc…

The box’s design has an elegant shape, strong and durable.

The double-wall structure, separated tray, and lid can put various small items.

The advantage of such a box:

  1. Wide-open, easy to put rain boots.
  2. Easy to show products by the separated tray and lid.
  3. Double walls, more strong to put such heavy rain boots.
  4. Easy adding other tiny components. May you want to put some notes,

this would be easier to open and cover.

5. Crush resistant. The boots will take long-distance shipping.

It transits at least 5 times load and unloading. It would be from the factory

to the departure port, to vessel, to destination port, to your warehouse.

Take a good compression strength, that would be an extra value for products value.

Such box price will be about USD1.5/pc.

Whatever we do is hope customers give five stars, and tell us he/she got a beautiful rain boot,

the packages are nice and special.

rain boots and snow boots

Now let’s discuss the one-piece tuck top box.

It’s more like the mailbox, usually made of paperboard or corrugate,

compare to the two-piece box, the price would be cheaper.

The one-piece box photo is below.


Women's Rain Boots

Compare to the two-piece box, this box is:

  1. Lighter. This would be easily broken, it can not offer heavy commodities.
  2. The closure is not easy. Not like the two-piece box, the lid is with the bottom.
  3. The cover is inserted on both sidewalls. If the cut-line is not good working,
  4. that would be easy damage the box’s outside shape.
  5. Cheap-looking.
  6. Lower moisture resistance. If the rainy keeps a long time, the box would be weak,

poor in quality

lambo rain boots keep dry

The advantage of such a box is:

  1. Price cheaper. A case usually would be not over USD1.
  2. Lightweight. The material is single paperboard or corrugated, the material is light compare to the double board.
  3. Wide-open, nice for the rain boots displaying.

Whatever you take the one-piece box or two-piece box, there is an extra fee can not avoid:

Mould cut-out fee. This is only needed to pay the first time, and the quantity is too small,

like only fewer 500pairs. Colorways within 3, the mold fee is about USD 120/box size.

Colorways are 3-5, the mold fee would be higher. The fee would be within USD200 is enough.

rain boots custom clearance

Hope the above information would work for you. Any questions about the package,

welcome to leave a message to us at any time.