How do you wear ankle rain boots?

As a professional manufacturer of rain boots, we have to say that ankle elastic rain boots, especially women’s ankle rain boots with elastic, are the most popular among buyers and factories. For women’s ankle boots with elastic, our factory has the most complete molds, and the most styles made according to this mold. For example, adding neoprene inner, buckles, zippers, metal labels, or with leopard print inner fabric, etc. With their unique design, fashion sense, and ease of putting on and taking off, they have become the darling of matching in the rainy season and become the wardrobe of urban women a must-have.

1. Why choose ankle rain boots with elastic? 

Ankle boots are more lightweight and flexible than traditional knee-high and mid-calf rain boots.

1. Ankle boots with elastic are different from other boots. The opening with elastic which is very suitable for people with fat ankles. The adjustable width of top opening would be easy to wear and take off.

2. In the cold winter, the socks we wear will be thicker, for mid-calf or high-calf rain boots, which are not easy to wear. But with elastic ankle boots, you don’t have to worry about the tube problem at all.

3. Easily control balance when walking. Because the boots are short, and lightweight, making it easier to control your balance when walking on muddy roads or in the rainy days.

4. Affordable price. Compared with mid-high rain boots, ankle rain boots are more affordable.

5. Factories also love it. It has more producing volume than tall rain boots. 

2. Fashion tips in the raining

Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to incorporate ankle boots for rain into your daily outfit ideas and become the fashion focus on the streets on rainy days. 

1. Simple everyday style 

Perfect paired with skinny jeans or leggings, and a loose white T-shirt, an oversized sweater, or a simple shirt for the upper body, you can create a relaxed and casual daily style and show off your leg lines. Whether you are going to the supermarket or having afternoon tea on the weekend, this combination can make you exude fashion while being comfortable. 

And wearing with the wide-leg pants, casual wear also looks great.

We have to say this ankle rain boots with elastic is the easiest footwear to pair with your daily garments.

2. Smart attire for the workplace 

Chelsea rain boots can also be very formal. Try pairing ankle elastic black rain boots or other dark colorway straight-leg pants, and a fitted blazer to keep up with the rain while maintaining a professional look. This combination is not only suitable for commuting to work but also suitable for business meetings. 

How do you wear ankle rain boots with formal

3. Casual weekend style 

Leisure time on the weekend is also a great opportunity to show off your fashion. A loose sweatshirt with A-line skirts or sweatpants, and then wear these elastic rain boots to show your lively side while still being comfortable and practical.


4. Fashion party style 

Chelsea rain boots are also suitable for party occasions. Choose a dress in a bright color, pair it with these low rain boots, and add some stylish accessories like a bracelet or earrings to become the center of the party. In recent years, short rain boots have also been launched in various bright colors, breaking the world where rain boots are only available in black or other dark colors. 

5. Adventurous outdoor style 

These rain boots are also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Paired with a sports-style jacket and trousers made of waterproof fabric, it can not only adapt to the complex outdoor terrain but also maintain a fashionable atmosphere. 

3. Maintenance Tips

 Although rain boots are known for their durability, proper maintenance is also essential. Especially elastic rain boots.

After each use, wash the rain boots’ surface mud. Then brush the elastic part with a soft brush. After cleaning,  wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Put the cleaned ankle rain boots upside down in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. Please avoid high-temperature environments and direct sunlight to prevent material aging.



 May you be interested in rain boots or relatively waterproof footwear, but don’t know what kind of styles to start first, hope the above information will help you get some ideas. ​


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