How rain boots are adapted for different foot shapes and sizes

Rain boots, as functional footwear, mainly give the wearer not only the ability to keep their feet dry, but also better traction in wet, sloppy, muddy environments or cold weather. As practical footwear, we already discussed how to choose the right size to pursue our daily working and outdoor activities: is there a need to be one size larger or one size smaller? Maybe you get an idea of the size issue.  Today we would be glad to explore with you another topic: how rain boots are adapted for different foot shapes and sizes.

Following are the tips to adapt for different foot shapes and sizes:

1. Sizes’difference


As with other casual boots, rain boot has a full-size set to satisfy different foot lengths and widths.

The rain boot size range is the same as other shoes. Usually, for kids, sizes range from 18 to 38, available for both babies to big children; for men, sizes usually range from 39 to 46; for ladies’ are 35 to 41.

Usually, the width of rubber boots would be the same amount as our casual shoes, and will not be extra width or length. So there is no need to be one size large to buy rubber boot.

2. Rubber boots’ accessories help to better adjust your foot.

We could see there some fashionable rain boot that would have a zipper, buckle, or shoelace. Some of them are for decoration, but most of them have real functions for us.

May you could get to know most boots the top opener is wider than our common dress shoes. But there would have a buckle or adjustable strap around it.  Any special reasons for it?

How rain boots are adapted for different foot shapes and sizes 1

1. They could help us to better fit our calf.

The material of rain boots is light weight usually made of PVC and rubber, and the boot shaft and top opener are not elastic. Also, these rain boots are functional boots, and the top opener would be wider than our daily boots. As a result, the buckle or strap could adjust according to the wearer’s calf width and let the wearer have a better-wearing feeling.

2. Tighten.

On the other hand, the buckle or strap has another key importance to the wearer which is to tighten the top of the rubber boot, so that the boots will be closed around the foot and ankle, reducing the risk of hurting the ankle.

Especially the tall rubber work boots, the tall shaft would with neoprene lining, then the buckle would be very important to adjust the width keeping pant legs dry all the time.

Anyway, the adjustable accessories provide us with a perfect combination of a better wearing feel, more comfort, and safety. Most rain boots with buckles offer a range of benefits that can help you achieve a better fit, greater comfort, and improved support in wet weather.

3. Various rain boots heights for your option.

20 years before rain boots haven’t so many styles of work boots introduced to the market.

But now there are thousands of pairs of boot styles for us to choose the right rain boots you want. Not only have different synthetic materials but also have different heights to cater to customers’ different tastes. The rain boot’s height has knee-high, mid-calf, short, and ankle-height.

1. Various heights could meet different customers’ personal height requirements.

Short customers are more like wear short or chelsea boot, and short rain boots are flexible during walking. Taller shaft rain boot is more popular for tall and slim consumers. Small suggests knee-high rain boot recommend wearing with jeans or shorts, which look more fashionable.

What’s the difference between rain boots and snow boots 3

 2. Different heights would be better to suit the walking situation.

For example, today we are going to wet grass, then a pair of ankle rain boots are a good option, but if we need to have an outdoor activity with heavy mud, there is a need for a good pair of knee-high rain boots. The short, light rain boots more easily control our balance and move flexibly; the tall boots, are very nice for harsh situations like deep water, or heavy mud ground.

Anyway, there are various heights of rain boots, but each design has its own style. That’s the reason the factory will supply rubber boots in so many different heights to markets to cater to your different habits.

What's Most Important to You in a Rain Boot

4. Comfort Insole.

Insole has an important function in our footwear. Some of the insole unit prices would be over our common shoes. The insole would be a good helper to protect our daily walking without tiring or twisting the ankle.

Same function as our rain boots insole. And the insole is movable, it would be easy for us to take out a wash.

What's Most Important to You in a Rain Boot pvc boots 5

Rain boots’ insole material usually is EVA with fleece covering and TPE (have memory and would make the wearing the pair of shoes more comfortable to wear during rainy weather and long time walking). The insole would absorb shock, less the joint’s abrasion, increasing the fit and comfort while walking.

On the other hand, there are different thicknesses of insole for customers to choose from.

EVA insole has 3mm, 5mm, or even 8mm thickness for your option. And the shape of the insole has a common flat design insole and a sport style insole, etc.

The insole is also to be credited for a good rain boot; little things, significant effects.

5. Different rain boots material

Kids Jelly Rain Boots Rain Wear Cute Wellies raw material

The material of rain boots would be natural rubber, PVC, EVA, TPE, and TPR. Different materials of rubber boots have different characteristics and prices.

If you are looking for rain boots that are soft and have better elasticity, in very cold and wet weather, and the temperature still would keep a better condition, then a pair of rubber boots would be a good idea.

But if you are looking for a new pair of waterproof shoes at a lightweight, flexible, water-resistant, and competitive price, then PVC boots are a good option.

EVA, TPR these 3 materials are now more and more popular, but if you have a limited budget, better forget them. Of course, the TPE is good for low temperatures, lowest to -40℃.

Below are the snow boots in TPE materials.

How rain boots are adapted for different foot shapes and sizes 78

6. Toe shape

Waterproof boots come in a variety of shaft and toe forms to fit a variety of foot types.

Below is the list of toe shapes and the shape’s pros and cons for your reference.

1. Round toe shape.

elastic rain boots for women

The rounded toe shape is also called the almond toe shape.

This is the most common, extremely comfortable, and popular shape of our waterproof rubber boots. Such a style rubber boot would give our toes enough room to move around, it’s the most comfortable design. If you wear such boots with a wide-toe box shape, there is no need to choose one size bigger rain boots.

2. Pointed toe shape.

How rain boots are adapted for different foot shapes and sizes3

Pointed toe shape is popular on our fashion leather boots, also our casual rain boots too.  This shape is trendy compared to the round toe. The above ankle boot is the design of the pointed-toe boot.

But everything has two sides, if the feet are wider, better not to consider the pointed-toe shape rubber boots, as it will make our toes narrow and very uncomfortable for very long periods of time wearing.

3. Square toe shape

Similar like round-toe shape boots, the square toe would have extra space, freeing our toes. Such Rubber boots are suited for wide feet or consumers who like to wear comfortable wearing. Below is the ankle boot with square toe shoe for your reference.

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In conclusion, rubber boots factories strive to supply better rain boots to cater to thousands of customers’ requirements, hope you could get the benefits of good quality boots.

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