How To Control Wholesale Transparent Rain Boots Quality?

In the competitive world of fashion footwear, rain boots as the niche in footwear, now have carved out a nice market. They are not just waterproof boots, they’re a fashion statement. Transparent rain boots, as a part of rain boots design, now catch more and more attention from consumers. Everything has 2 sides, and so are the clear rain boots. Transparent rubber boots are fashionable, show characteristics, and quality should be the best compared to the same last rubber rain boots. But they come with a higher price, about 20–30% higher than their solid-colored counterparts. Why?

We’d like to dive into the reasons behind this and how you can make the most of your wholesale purchase if you are a wholesaler or buyer from a trading company.   

Why do we say the transparent price would be higher about 20-30% than their solid-colored counterparts? First, let’s start with the boot’s quality aspect.

Compared with solid-color rain boots, the quality requirements for transparent rain boots can be said to be very strict. Any imperfection on the surface of the boot is immediately visible, showing it in the eyes of consumers like a magnifying glass. This pushes the rain shoes factory into a higher discard rate in production and thus higher production costs.   

High quality means a high price compared to the same style, here’s what sets transparent rain boots apart:

1. Material: 100% new materials, the basement for High-Quality Products

Unlike solid-colored rain boots, transparent rain boots demand 100% new PVC materials. Original new PVC materials are transparent, which would protect the boot and have pure clarity. Recycled materials lead to imperfections like black spots mixed inside of the clear rain boots, unacceptable in the transparent version.


Tips: eco-friendly materials which are options are available to meet the environmental standards of various countries, though they come at a higher cost. If you have such specific requirements, please tell the suppliers.

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 2. The Production Process Technique And Time

Time: Transparent boot production is time-intensive compared to dark colorway boots. 

First, machines must be thoroughly cleaned between batches to avoid color contamination, this process can take up to 3 hours. Any tiny colors mixed inside will cause a defective product.


Like the below transparent Martin rain boots, the boot is beautiful, but the black dots are easy to see, no one will like it.

How To Control Wholesale Transparent Rain Boots Quality D

This meticulous process, along with the absence of inner linings making the boots, hard to remove from the molds, demands more time and resources, thus contributing to the high price.

How do we manage the quality control aspect?

Every production process, from raw material to final product undergoes stringent checks, except these, mold surfaces need to be checked carefully, why? Later I will explain the details to you.

For the finished boots, we need to check the boots’ bubbles, black spots, surface scratches, and clarity. This attentive quality control is crucial to ensure that the final product meets the high standards expected by the customer

Here are the aspects that need to be checked carefully:

1. Bubble

Injection technique: bubbles would appear regardless of the type of boots used if the machine and pressure weren’t adjusted. The bubble could appear in the upper, toe, soles, or heels. Since bubbles are solid in color and impossible to spot, they won’t affect you wear them. However, the attractiveness could be ruined by obvious rain boots.

2. Boot’s surface scratch

It occurs on the mold; if the mold is not fixed before making clear rain boots, the interior will be heavily scratched. For this reason, factory employees inform you that the mold is polishing and could take a few more days to produce.

The shot below is the boots with lots of white marks. This is a result of our not polishing the mold before making the clear rain boots. However, if we are working with a solid color, there is no need to polish the mold.

How To Control Wholesale Transparent Rain Boots Quality

3. Transparency

A pair of pure clear rain boots is what we need. So when we check clear rain boots, first show in the shiny situation and check the transparency.

Below is the photo with 2 different transparency, you can easily get to know the difference. The left boots look darker than the right boots. Right boots meet the quality requirement.

How To Control Wholesale Transparent Rain Boots Quality c

The above image’s left boot’s color is yellowing. Because there was some boot stuff that didn’t clear entirely.

On the other hand, the raw materials may not have a high quality, or the machine pressure may not reach the necessary level; in either case, yellowing will occur.


As you already cleared the quality control aspects, now it’s time for the factory to ask for help from buyers.

1. The order quantity

The factory will have a quantity requirement once you choose to make an order. In particular, with the clear rain boots styles, smaller orders are often less feasible due to the disproportionate time spent in preparation versus actual production. The MOQ would be more stringent. The reason is that it takes at least 3 hours for the machine to normally produce: we need to change the mold and clean the previous order’s material entirely. During this processing, there is no qualified boots are coming out.

For example, if you order just 500 pairs, it will only be produced for two hours,  but the scrap transparent rain boots would be at least 500 pairs! So the output is not nice. And there is a big loss of both material and factory production time. Let’s say you have two distinct quantity orders for clear boots: The price for 1,000 pairs is $5.9; the price for 500 pairs is $8. The factory would rather choose low price big quantity.  Why? The output is the factory’s first consideration.

2. Packing: a good way to protect your investment

There are two different packing ways manufacturers will be offered: box and PP bag.

Opt for boxed packing to protect the boots during transit, it’s a smart and important method. It can prevent transparent rain boots’ surface scratches and change shape. Ensuring the boots are in pristine condition when they reach your customers.








Note: you can put some cards inside of the box about clear rain boots maintenance. Outside the box, please show the product’s size, name and color, etc…


Hope the above information will be useful to you during the clear rain boots wholesale or checking the quality of the boots.

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