How to measure the kid’s feet size?

                            The tips to help you buy the correct size of boots

Rain boots are different from leather shoes or other daily shoes.

Usually, rain boots would be wider and have more space compare to the other daily boots.

Kids love water, love rain. There always have a pair of waterproof boots in your wardrobe.

As a mom, may you have purchase experience, always hesitate the size of rain boots, or the questions how do we pick a pair of right size boots for my kid?

Below are the tips that would help you.

We’d like to show you how to check to measure the kid’s feet size, how to ensure buy one lasting comfort and support for growing kids boots.

The content will be:

  1. Measure the kid’s feet?
  2. Choose the right size?
  3. Check the size are correct and comfortable?


So here let’s talk about the first article, how to measure the kid’s feet?


As the manufacturer, we got thousands of questions and understand how difficult it can be to select the correct shoe size for your kid.

Especially the rain boots are not the daily wearing.

Today we are very glad to have the chance to give you a few quick steps to get the correct length data of your kid’s foot.


The material you need to prepare:

  1. A piece of A4 blank paper;
  2. A pen;
  3. A ruler
  4. A pair of barefoot

Step 1. Put A4 paper on a flat firm surface and against the wall.

How to measure

Step 2. Get the kid to stand up on the A 4, also against the wall tightly.

( Make sure both of the feet are on the paper and against the wall firmly. )

How to measure the kid’s feet size

Step. 3. Mark in front of the kid’s longest toe.

measure for kids rain boots

Step. 4. Add your thumb in front of the longest toe place, and make a mark.

Please check like below photo.

 kid’s feet size

Step. 5. Put them in a line, and measure the length.

How to measure the kid’s feet size

Then you will get the correct size of boots.

Tips: may you got notice, rain boots factories often have different countries sizes.

To avoid the size mistake, the best way is to show the real foot length add the thumb length,

the data usually would be correct.

Or ask the factory to send samples or insole, that’s a good and fast work method also.

Last but not least, make sure 2 feet have the measuring and getting data.

This could help avoid the measurement mistake or may there be different lengths or widths of the foot.

  1. Below would about choose the right size

Kids grow up each day, almost 2 or 3 months the foot would be bigger almost

half size before the age of 12 years old.

Ensure the boots are not too snug, or the foot will feel tight, and the boots should not

have too much space, the foot travel around inside the boots, which would be a

dangerous event for your kid.

According to the above measurement, usually,

there is no need extra bigger size for the rain boots.

It’s enough to continue wearing within 4 or five months.

Too big or too narrow boots do not help for the kid’s walking.

Here is the formulary that may help you convert US size to centimeters.

Boots inner length (centimeter)= European size-10 centimeter.

European size= centimeter x 2-10;

US size= centimeter – 18 +0.5

UK size= centimeter -18-0.5

For example, European size is 24, so the inner length should be: (24+10)/2=17CM

All in all, if you have any hesitates about the size conversion,

welcome contact us at any time, we could show you the data.

  1. Here we are talking about checking the size is correct and comfortable

1) Check the heel.

Firstly get your kid to sit down and wear the boots,

ensuring they’re comfortably secure holding their ankle.

In one hand give the boot a gentle tug on the heel with the other, it should stay tight in place.

Tip: the kid needs to stand up. Shake the boots of the feet.

Stay firmly, it means the ankle part is too narrow, or the boots are small.

May need to adjust the size now.

2) Check the length

Now they are standing with your fingers feel around the top edge of the shoe—the toe part.

Make sure there has no gap, the anchor bowing is comfortable, top has space as you press.

Check the width on both sides with your fingers, there should be no pressure on the sides.

3) Check the upper

Check the shaft width with your thumb across the top of the boots. You should feel the gap between the leg and the opening part have enough walking space.  sometimes sizes are ok, but the shaft may not be wide enough when the trousers are put inside. Then it would be better to take them out.

Next, let the kid walk, check the boots if walking freely and comfortably.

The shaft is too narrow, it would be looks like a robot during walking and easy tumble.

Thank you for your checking and if you have any questions, welcome email or leave a message to us at any time.