Rain Boots FAQs

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Contents will be:

1. Short brief about Lambo rain gear.

2. Products FAQ

3. Order rain boots FAQ

4. Shipping rain boots FAQs

5. After selling rain boots FAQ

1. Short brief about Lambo rain gear.

Lambo rain gear is a professional rain boots factory. We locate in the rain boots cluster center–Zhejiang province. Our rain boots are from wide roomy toe boots to the flexible soft sole for ladies, men, and kids.

ankle rain boots

Customers from the USA, Japan, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, etc…

2. Products FAQ

What’s the material of rain boots?

We’re taking the eco-friendly PVC. Limited by the technical difference, rubber boots are not on our product line at moment. Inner is the AZO-free terylene.

short rain boots

Are there any certification requirements for importing rain boots?

Rain boots are widely used in daily life, it’s part of the footwear. Considering rain boots have a niche part: safety boots. It needs certificates like CE or SGS if exporting to EU markets.

Anyway, if need certificates for the daily rain boots, welcome notice to us, we could send products to testing.

Now we have the ISO9001 and BSCI certificates for the factory.

How to measure the size of the boot? Is there any size variation between rain boots and sports shoes?


Usually, the factory mold measurement is by the centimeter. Each mold will have detailed mold data. Data like: the ball of the foot(the widest area just behind toes), arch of the foot, ankle, calf, etc., will have the correct information.


What’s the factory’s original mold size?

mold maintenance

We usually introduce the centimeter as the original measurement. For the showing size on the mold usually will take the Chinese size, like 36,37,38,39, etc…

May customers need different sizes showing. Like Japanese size, USA size, or UK size, welcome notice to us, we can convert or send the original mold data. Or send the whole size set of boots samples for your wearing test.

How to check the quality of the product?

We have internal quality control in each production stage.

Raw Material→material mixing→fabric stitching→injection→cutting the boots→PU stitching(if needed)→packing→finished. Each step has QCs to check the quality. From the raw material, we have stable cooperation suppliers.

package line

Each stage has QC, from raw material checking to injection, packing.  We are strictly following the quality control rules to lower the defective products.

About quality protection: workers are the first line of products protection. We have a serious reward and punishment system for the workers.

How many designs are there?

There are 3 lines of rain boots:

A. Ladies’ rain boots.

This could be classified by height, shape.

By the height: tall rain boots, mid-calf, and ankle.

Shapes: Chelsea, horse riding boots, martin boots, high-heel boots, etc…

We are mainly selling fashion boots, zipper accessories, side buckle, belt, warm inner, PU trim, printed lining, transparent colors or glitter, etc…

The size range is 35–41.

If you have your own design, we are warmly welcome you to show us, OEM is welcomed.

B. Men’s boots.

We have common work boots, ankle rain boots for men, safety rain boots are available now.

Compare to a variety of ladies’ boots, men’s rain boots are fewer colors and styles.

The popular color is black, navy, white.

The size would be from 39–46.

men's rain boots for work frontfarm rain boots for men

C. Kid’s boots.

It’s like the ladies’ boots have a wide choice, from shining surface to matte, from spring boots to warm inner winter rain boots.

Kids rain boots, most of the orders will be candy colorway, like black, pink, yellow, red. Added the buckle, or logo printed.

The size range is 23–35.

Cheap Kid Rain Boots Candy ColorCheap Kid Rainboots gumboots

How do I know which rain boots model will best suit the local market?

May you will say there are too many rain boots on the website. And don’t know which design would be better.

In my previous content, already have a discussion. It would be easier for you to make orders based on the local market requirements.  Or we can search on the online shop. It could be easier for us to get to know which styles are popular.

For us, we will visit your online stores if you have. It would be better got to know your main market and give you a better introduction to our products.

For example, in the work boots store, may mid-caf rain boots or tall rain boots are a good option. Colors would be welcomed the dark colors, like black, blue. For the design of the boot, we need to consider the wearing feels. It’s more important a pair of comfortable boots than fashion.  May the toe need take a round shape, the calf wider is a better option.

We are the factory, definitely, new design or good selling styles would have. Don’t worry, we’d love to show you if you are interested in the introduction.

How to choose the insole?

The insole is a good helper for our comfy walking. Usually, we’ll supply the common EVA insole 3mm thickness.

But for my personal wear feeling, the EVA insole is at least 5mm. Why?

It is a foam-based material, lending itself naturally to the supportive properties of an insole. EVA Insoles are ideal as a shock absorber, protecting the foot from impact with the ground. Helping to protect the joints and ligaments in the foot.

3mm is too thin, such thickness would be broken in a short time.

If you want a high-quality insole, we warmly welcome your show us.

PU foam insole, memory foam insole, rubber insole, gel insole, or warm & wool insole.

The different insole has different prices. If you are interested, we would be glad to show you the details.

Can boots be worn without the insole?

Rain boots inside usually are flat. It can be worn without an insole.

3. Order rain boots FAQs

How do I get in touch with Lambo rain gear CO., LTD?

rain boots banner

Simply use the contact form on the website to reach us. Call or email us both workable!

Whatsapp(86)139 894 107 65.

You can also email us at tracydu1981@gmail.com, rainboots@vip.163.com,  and we will get back to you ASAP!

Why do you need to order samples?

One pair of rain boots sample is the smartest move fledging retailers can make.


First, the PVC boots are injected. If there haven’t any special requirements (like a different colorway), usually we’ll pick up boots from the bulk. It’s a better way for you to check the bulk quality.

Second, if the samples have accessories. Such as adding the logo, buckle, own logo insole, or warm inner, etc… The accessories will take from the available stocks or the cooperated factories. You could check the factory’s ability on complex products also the quality of the extra parts.

The samples show the quality of the factory. It helps you confirm order quality, determine if the factory fits your store, your brand. More, you could get to know product standards, and get to know the customer’s expectations.

How to order samples?

Simple rain boots, black color, without extra decoration, only want to take one pair of boots for testing the quality. This would be simple work. You can email us about: the style, and size, we’ll arrange to send within 2 workdays.

May you’d like the samples with your own design, it would take some time.

First, we’ll need your artwork about the samples. Show us the details about the samples.

  1. The colorway needs panton no.
  2. Insole, material, shape, print logo, color if you need special designs.
  3. We’ll purchase the accessories according to your requirements
  4. Working the samples.
  5. Finish samples, show the video to you and arrange to send it to you.

Is it free for the sample?

It says free shipping, why am I being charged for shipping?

Samples are free. Considering the samples send abroad, the factory has dozens of different countries’ customers, paid all customers’ shipping fee, that would be a huge amount  So it needs to collect the shipping fee.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

How long to make a pair of rain boots sample?

Orders typically take 3-9 business days to produce. And it’s about 4–10 business days to arrive at your door (within North America). Our warehouse ships Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

How can I expedite my order?

What’s the rain boots minimum order quantity(MOQ)?

About the quantity requirement. This depends on the style and its decoration.

The biggest limitation for us is the injection. Each time we change mold it needs about 2 hours for 5 molds (one time produce 5 pairs). Change one color to another, it’s about 1 hour.  Because of these reasons, we set reasonable quantity requirements.

Usually solid color rain boots, MOQ would be 800pairs.

For the warm inner design, MOQ would be 1,000pairs. Transparent rain boots or the inner fabric is not black, white, MOQ would be 1,500–2,000pairs.

We warmly invite you to show us the design, we can check the quantity for you.

P.S.: if the design you order is on producing, it would be ok the quantity is less than 800 pairs.  This is the advantage work with our factory.

What are the payment terms?

About the payment terms, usually would be L/C, TT.

Or if you have other payment terms, do not hesitate to tell us.

How to make different colors?

Rain boots are the function footwear, black is the classic color.

This year, candy colors, like red, pink, purple, yellow, royal blue start popular. If you are interested in the new colorway, welcome show us the panton no., or the sample. We would be glad to have new styles.

Is there any OEM/ODM service?

Yes, we are. Welcome show the artwork file or contact us at your convenience time.

What kind of package are there?

In my previous content, I make a topic about packages. This depends on your target market, like the customer quality, and products quality level, etc…

Polybag and box are the packages. Polybags have common bags and designed bags, the price would be different, so is the box. Box have common white and patterned.

For saving the shipping space and target price, a poly bag is a good option.

Box, is a better way to protect the footwear from misshape.

How long is the order delivery time?

Example: rain boots without complex accessories, within 3000pairs, pp bag, the delivery time would be about 35–45 days after receiving all order information and settling the payment.

This month, may you get the news, we have the power outage, all of the raw materials soaring, vessel delay. This causes delivery times to be unpredictable. In such a tough period, shipping out goods is the best for us, no matter how long it would be.

I am planning to make small orders with multi styles. How to make orders? Is there have such a service?

The above topics are all about bulk orders, meeting our factory MOQ.

Online business soaring, more and more store owners want to purchase from the factory. They need orders with small quantities, multi styles, competitive prices. How to solve it? Don’t worry, here we have such service may suit for you.

We have stocks with various different rain boots. If the quantity is not big, and the products package is simple, we warmly invite you to contact us now.

P.S.: all the stocks are of first-level quality, no worry about them.

4. Shipping FAQ

How much do you charge for shipping?

The shipping fee depends on the different shipping methods and ports. By sea, by air, by express, there are big differences.

Welcome contact us, we would be glad to check for you the details.

Which port we are shipping out?

Our nearest port is Ningbo. It’s one of the busiest ports in the world. And Shanghai Port.

How long is the shipping time?

The shipping time, it’s the same as the shipping fee, it depends on the countries, shipping ways.

What are the documents we will send you?

About the documents, there are no special documents required. We’ll send to you the products documents like the sales contract, packing list, invoice. These 3 papers are widely used. Welcome notice to me for the other certificates if you needed.

After selling rain boots FAQs

What if my items are damaged or defective?

4 questions let you know Customs Inspection funny

Don’t worry about it.

We’ll send each stage’s video or photo for you to get to know the whole situation of producing.

Let’s say you got defective products, just let us know, we’ll compensate for the next order. Or you can tell us your decision, it’s negotiable.

Over the past 15 years, we didn’t get any complaints about the quality of products.

 Care rain boots FAQ:

Are boots washable?
We do not recommend machine washing. Please refer to our Care Instructions for full details on how best to care for your rain boots.