Strategy to increase sales in a small business

7 tips to increase sales
I am sure you already got thousands of tips or strategies to increase sales in a small business.
Like tell a visual story, don’ fear giving away too much profit, understand what motivates your

customers to buy, etc…
Lots of the suggestions about when you got products, how to increase the sales.
Please wait a minute, may we neglect a very important element—product suppliers.

High quality, competitive purchasing prices are the best advantage to increasing the small business.
Here we would be glad to give some tips about lower ordering costs, increasing profit, then increasing

sales for a small business.

1. Quality

Quality is top important for sellers. Before checking a supplier, please check to ask for a sample,

or have a trial order. Check the quality by yourself. Sometimes, a real product processing could

show you the whole factory working situation and the system of the suppliers.

2. Quantity

Small business owners have quantity limitations.
Because of the quantity, purchasing price may be higher, then your cost will increase.

That would be difficult to increase sales.
Please check with the factory, did they have the same product in production, if have,

then the price may lower.
Simple product package. Package, especially the printed box, the price would be hugely

different for different quantities.

3. Shipping fee

This fee is for the forwarder, and vessel company.
If the goods are sent by sea, the more quantity, the cheaper.
We know the small quantity situation, and need to save the extra fee.
Forget the air, then send by sea.
The customs clearance fee is the same no matter how much quantity
you have, they charged by the order, not quantity.

Stragety to increase sales in a small business
4. Delivery time

Stragety to increase sales in a small business
In small businesses, quantity is not big. Delivery time is sometimes not stable.
If you plan to order abroad, strongly suggest longer the order time.
Not to rush, so that the factory will put you order with same requirements as yours.

We have such a service for accepting small orders. If you are interested in it

or want to know the business cooperation details, welcome contact me at your


Thank you in advance.