Why do children’s rain boots come in so many colorways?

May you got notice, the kid’s rain boots have multi options for colors.

And lots of colors are bright. Such as yellow, green, red, purple, and so on.

Why do the kid’s rain boots have so many colorways? But adults don’t have.

For the adult’s rain boots, usually, the colors would be black, brown, dark navy, usually they are the dark colorways.

Except for the athletic footwear.

Colors are not just a matter of fashion or taste that we choose to buy one color or another.

We could easy to see the soccer shoes, tennis, volleyball, running shoes, and sneakers have bright yellow, green, hot red, orange, etc… And received widely welcomed. Why?

According to color psychology, colors can motivate players’ emotions. They could work to stimulate users’ optimism, energy.

Sometimes, brightly colored footwear is a good way to catch the eye’s attention and create a reminder for the wearer of the brand.

As you can see the colors used in sports footwear are used with the interest of attracting the attention of the target audience. It is not even surprising to see color mixtures inspired by movies and TV series with the aim of generating nostalgia in the consumer.

colorful Lambo Toddler Kids Rain Boots for Girls Boys with Easy-On Loop Handle

colorful Lambo Toddler Kids Rain Boots for Girls Boys with Easy-On Loop Handle

But why do kids’ rain boots have so many colors? Green, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, rainbow, etc…

Why shiny colors rain boots are more appealing to children?

According to the research, babies about 5 months old, can see colors, distinguishing bright colors comes easier for them. They help kids to distinguish objects from one another in their field of vision. Children spend more time looking at bright colors than at pastel shades or muted colors.

On the other hand, doctors said, colors affect emotions. Orange color like the warmer, yellow color is happiness, etc…

So parents are more like to choose shiny colors for their kids.