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Why there are requirements of MOQ for rain boots? 

Factory or salesman will tell you lots, all in one word: Material wastage and product output.

First, let’s check the below video first.



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After checking this video, it would be more easy for me to explain to you why there have MOQ.

  1. Material wastage

You could see there are so many boots around the machines, all the boots look good for the first glimpse. 

But they are not!

They have problems like

1)Some boots are not smooth on the surface. There are dents on both sides. But if the quality requirements are not high, some factories will let them go. 

But we are a high-standard factory, and such a problem is unacceptable. 

Only after about 2 hrs of machines running, and the mold is warm enough, the surface will be back to smooth.

2) The black dots. This is because the previous color different, then it will have other color dots. 

Such defective products will disappear only after the colors are changed completely. 

How long will be? This depends on the colors of the next order.  For example, if the previous color is shiny or candy, next order is dark, then, that would be perfect. Easy to clean. 

If the previous order is a dark color, the next production is a bright colorway, that would be a disaster, it takes at least 3 hrs to clean them all. 

Here is the reason why the factory will offer dark color prices cheaper than bright colors based on the same order requirements. 

2. Output lower

As you already know there are at least 3 hrs to adjust mold, and clean colors on the machines.


During this period, there are no rain boots come out.  If the order is 200 pairs, our machine one time could produce 5 sizes, 200 pairs, only need 1hr. But the cleaning machine takes 3 hrs. That is not good. 

So we will ask customers to make orders for at least each design MOQ 500–800 pairs. This range depends on the order’s design and color. 


Overall, factory set MOQ, is limited by the technique. Hope you could understand the factory’s situation. 


Thank you for your attention. 





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